Sanjana Anne makes sensational comments on ‘Bigg Boss 2’

Sanjana Anne, the recently evicted contestants from the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 2’, has opened up about the reasons behind her eviction and made some sensational comments on the show and organizers.



In her recent interviews, Sanjana blamed the ‘Bigg Boss’ organizers and said her eviction was “biased and unfair”. She criticized all the housemates except Geetha Madhuri.



Talking about her journey in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, Sanjana said that she was given an unfair treatment and faced bias and harassment right from day one. She alleged that the Bigg Boss inmates did not live up to their words to release her from the jail on day 2 despite impressing them.



She also blamed the show organizers for forcing her to share the bed with Nutan Naidu, a stranger to her. She accused the show of being shameless and questioned as to how can a girl share the bed with a stranger. Sanjana also stated that she and her family are quite happy being evicted within a week.

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