Selfie with Nandamuri Harikrishna's dead body goes viral

Taking selfies can be fun and that was the idea behind the developers of the selfie camera but little did the developers realize that latent narcissism among people, especially the youth, will create an obsession for selfies that would soon transition into a ‘killfie’. The selfie craze seems to have gone awry with the people getting obsessed with the selfies irrespective of the situation.

The latest incident is a proof of the selfie mania which is making people lose the basic sense and pose for the selfies irrespective of the situation. Getting into the details, when actor and politician Harikrishna was brought to the hospital battling for life, the hospital staff who were supposed to give their best to save him, seems to have taken their duty not seriously and posed for a selfie with a man who is in his last minutes.

This act of the Kamineni hospital staff drew a huge flak, but the staff tried to justify saying that the treatment was done and have taken the selfie while waiting for the Doctors confirmation.