Shocking: Surgeons remove nuts, bolts and jewellery from a woman’s stomach

In a shocking incident, Indian doctors had to operate on an extremely rare case in which they extracted 1.5 kg of nuts, bolts and jewellery from a woman’s stomach after she complained of abdominal pain.

She suffers with a rare psychological disorder called acuphagia where people eat sharp metal objects and other indigestible items.
‘The woman’s stomach had become rock-hard,’ said surgeon Dr Nitin Parmar, who performed the procedure.
He added, “The X-ray revealed a large lump in her stomach while safety pins were protruding from her lung. One pin had even punctured her stomach wall, prompting us to operate upon her immediately.”
He said the condition was extremely rare and that the hospital only one case per year.Local reports suggest authorities are trying to find the woman’s relatives, but have so far been unsuccessful. She has been kept under observation and her condition is stable.