Suresh Babu opens up about Sri Reddy controversy

The family of Daggubati Suresh Babu’s family which stays away from any controversies was dragged into ‘casting couch’ scandal by actress Sri Reddy. The actress claimed that Suresh Babu’s younger son Abhiram had exploited her in the name of film offers. Though it stirred a huge controversy in film circles, neither Suresh Babu nor anyone from family has reacted on the issue.



Now, after months of the controversy, Suresh Babu has finally reacted on the scandal. In an interview to a television channel, he said, “It’s my personal issue. I don’t want to talk about my personal issues and make them public. I will sort them out in my personal space.”



Suresh Babu also added that he does not want to share his personal issues with anyone. He said, “Every family has some issues on a daily basis. Since I’m in the limelight, some of my issues come into public consumption. I will discuss my problems with only those who will bring solutions to them.”

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