TDP MP CM Ramesh goes on hunger strike

TDP MP CM Ramesh has lived up to his words and begun the hunger strike as warned earlier. He began his hunger strike in Kadapa against the Central government for Kadapa Steel Plant.



Ramesh gave a call to all political parties and all the organizations in Andhra Pradesh for their support of his hunger strike. Speaking about the strike, CM Ramesh said that he is all set for any sacrifice in the interest of Kadapa people and the future generations.



Speaking about the Centre’s affidavit in Supreme Court over the feasibility of Kadapa Steel Plant, Ramesh said it is nothing but BJP’s political rivalry against TDP and blamed that BJP leaders are playing with the emotions of five crore Telugu people through their contradictory statements.



Reacting to his allegations, BJP MLC Somu Veerraju accused Ramesh of spreading false rumors against the BJP and said BJP is still trying to establish a steel factory in Kadapa. He also blamed CM Ramesh for remaining mum when the Diary farm was shut down abruptly and staging a hunger protest now.

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