TDP’s Karem Sivaji skips to YSRCP - Tolivelugu

TDP’s Karem Sivaji skips to YSRCP

In another setback to the Opposition party, one of the senior leaders is all set to take a plunge into the ruling party in a roll of many other leaders. Hours after the TDP supremo made a visit to the Capital region which set ripples in the state politics, senior SC leader and former chairman of Mala Mahanadu Karem Sivaji submitted his resignation to the post of SC/ST Commission chairman on Thursday. The senior leader has sent letters accordingly to the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary of the Social Welfare department. Close sources revealed that the resignation step was taken only after the SC leader came to the decision of calling quits to TDP. Karem Sivaji is expected to join the ruling YSRCP party in the presence of the Chief Minister at the Undavalli camp office. The CMO has confirmed that the leader has already taken necessary appointments. Grapevine has it that a few other SC leaders and activists will join YSRCP along with Sivaji on the same day.

Karem Shivaji who served as the president of Mala Mahanadu has joined TDP in 2014 post the elections. Though he faces hurdles regarding his eligibility for the chairmanship, he continued in his post from the past few years.

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