Tigress Avni killing: Hyderabad shooter ready to face probe

Sharpshooter Shafat Ali Khan is ready to face any probe into the shooting of tigress Avni in Maharashtra. He says that the inquiry will bring out the facts.
Tigress Avni, identified as T1 and held responsible for killing at least 13 humans, was shot dead in a village in Yavatmal district on November 2.

Speaking to IANS, he said, “We are 100 per cent ready for inquiry at any level. Nothing illegal has happened. In fact, we want an inquiry so that the truth comes out.”
Shafat said they were still very much part of the operation to achieve its second goal – capturing two cubs of the tigress and shift them to a rescue centre.
He added, “There is no threat to them. They are 11-month-old so they are not cubs. Technically we call them sub-adults. They are bigger than leopards and can capture their prey.”