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What Social Media Did To A Platform Singer!

, What Social Media Did To A Platform Singer!

Remember the lady in rags whose rendition of the Lata Mangeshkar melody, ‘Ek pyar ka nagma hai…’ from the film ‘Shor’ went viral? Thanks to the passer-by that recorded her singing at the platform of Ranaghat railway station in Bengal, she has now grabbed the golden chance to record for Himesh Reshammiya. Ranu Mondal, became an internet sensation after her video went viral. Himesh posted a note with a video on his Instagram account to reveal this news. “Recorded teri meri kahani my new song from happy hardy and heer with the very talented ranu mondal who has a divine voice , all your our dreams can come true if we have the courage to peruse them, a positive attitude can really make dreams come true , thanks for all your love and support,” read his post. After the video with her divine voice went viral, Ranu was invited to a reality TV show in which Himesh Reshammiya was one of the judges. All impressed Himesh offered her a song ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ in his upcoming film ‘Happy Hardy and Heer’.