What’s ‘cooking’ for ‘Sar Osthara’ fame Suchi? - Tolivelugu

What’s ‘cooking’ for ‘Sar Osthara’ fame Suchi?

The singer with the husky voice who once set ripples in South-India with sensational #Suchileaks is all set for her comeback. After grabbing nationwide attention with her tweets threatening the South-Indian stars to expose the intimate links between industry biggies, singer Suchitra went missing for almost four years. However, the singer came back into the limelight with her surprising interview with a leading channel for the first time after #Suchileaks chaos.

In the interview, the singer claimed that her account was hacked back then and stated that she tripped into depression post the incident and her divorce. Answering the question about her where about so far, Suchitra revealed that she moved to France to get over the trauma. “I went through a rough patch and the French cooking classes helped me a lot to come out of the depression,” she added.  She also discussed her future plans, to start a YouTube channel named ‘Suchi Cooks’ which she admitted was rhyming the infamous Suchileaks.