WhatsApp invests 1 m $US to combat fake news

The social media has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and these social media handles have become the biggest platforms to spread the news. However, there are incidents which led to violence due to fake news. The instant messaging app WhatsApp which had already restricted the forward messages to five members/groups has come forward with another major step.
In an effort to combat fake news and misinformation, WhatsApp has hired 20 research teams and has spent a whopping amount of one million US dollars.

As India is heading for the elections in the next few months, the government of India has also directed WhatsApp to take necessary remedial measures to prevent the proliferation of fake and, at times, motivated/sensational messages on WhatsApp.
The team will work on several papers targeting different verticals to analyze the havoc created by fake news spread via WhatsApp. The teams will work on paper titled “WhatsApp Vigilantes? WhatsApp messages and mob violence in India” and “Digital literacy and impact of misinformation on emerging digital societies.”
With the advancement of technology and smartphones available to the common man, controlling the fake news on social media has become a tough task. There are instances when social media was completely banned for a few days in India revealing its biggest impact on the lives of the people.