Why did KK retrace on peace talks? - Tolivelugu

Why did KK retrace on peace talks?

Why did KK retrace on peace talks?, Why did KK retrace on peace talks?

Hyderabad: Hours after the Telangana Rashtra Samithi secretary general and Rajya Sabha member K Kesava Rao announced that he would hold talks with the employee Unions, the senior leader retraced his step stating that he didn’t mean so. In a clarification to his written statement released on his official letterhead, KK told reporters that he had never said that he would hold talks between government and unions but will mediate. “Neither the state government nor the union leaders asked me to take up the meeting. I only said that I would be ready to mediate to stop the chaos before the situations go out of hands,” he stated. He said that the union leaders were ready to talk with him and that he will always stand by the workers. “I have no clue about governments next move,” he added. However, a few of the political analysts speculated KK’s backtrack as a part of KCR’s mind game. Series of employee suicides and few more of such attempts intensified the agitations across the state which might have softened the approach of KCR’s government which made them release a note through KK.