Why did professor Jyothsna walk out of T-JAC?

Professor Kodandaram who played a key role in the formation of Telangana state had several differences with the TRS and KCR and he floated his own political party to defeat TRS. As the elections are nearing, curiosity arose on whether Kodandaram can give a competition to KCR or not.

While doubts are still there, professor Jyothsna’s sudden exit from T-JAC raised many concerns. She accused that Kodandaram turned the party into a business and she’s not sure whether he can do justice to the people and blasted at Kodandaram. She also accused that a person named Vishal has been warning her to see her end.
But, on the other side, the T-JAC members are blaming Jyothsna of walking out of the party just for the reason she was denied the Ambarpet constituency ticket. There’s also a strong buzz that KCR is behind her, however, Jyothsna quashed them as baseless allegations.