Negligence takes another life! - Negligence takes another life- Tolivelugu

Negligence takes another life!


Hyderabad: By the time we forget Monica who died when the metro plaster fell on her, the negligence of the authorities at Greater Hyderabad has taken a toll on another innocent citizen. A 23-year-old youth was killed for the negligence of the municipal corporation led by Minister KTR. GHMC which claimed to have been alert during the downpour sending messages to the citizens has however snubbed to mitigate the on-ground situations. Adam Jordan’s death paid the price to this negligence. Adam, a local gym trainer had died of electric shock after stepping on an electric wire that was left unnoticed in a pothole post the heavy rains.

Adam was heading back to his hostel from the gym he was working in Gachibowli. He set his feet on an iron rod in the pothole which was attached to a nearby electricity pole which took his life in seconds. The incident came to limelight on Tuesday night, much later after the incident took place.